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Developing Next Generation Cybersecurity Leaders and Teams

In a future rife with uncertainty and change, the demands on cybersecurity leaders are greater than ever.

Cybersecurity leadership now demands more than technical prowess and charisma. Cybersecurity leaders must become high impact, transformative business leaders.

We build next generation leaders.

Our unique approach develops future-ready cybersecurity executives by taking on real cybersecurity challenges in small working groups of cross-industry peers. Real challenges are addressed, and real leaders are developed.


Stay Ahead Series

We help you look around corners

Monthly roundtable investigations, insider introductions, and a library of content designed to provide a micro-view of today’s macro trends, biggest challenges, and most promising opportunities. Participants collect relevant benchmarks and experiences from cross-industry peers, and gain the clarity, confidence, and conviction to make mission critical decisions.

Membership Fee: $7,500 USD per annum

Upcoming Roundtables

Leadership Collaborations

We make your leaders smarter, faster, and more agile

Ongoing, collaboration-centric workshops unite leadership teams with industry veterans to rapidly transfer knowledge and field-tested strategies. Participants build organizational intelligence and are equipped to lead change through the business, across the C-Suite, and in the Boardroom.

Membership Fee: $30,000 USD per annum

Upcoming Leadership Collaborations

Innovation Projects

We incubate and accelerate your critical initiatives

We provide project management, outside expertise, facilitation, and knowledge management to accelerate and strengthen one of your critical initiatives. Initiatives fall into two categories:

  • Learn Together Build Together: Collaborate with peers, ecosystem partners, and industry leaders to drive an initiative that affects the entire ecosystem.
  • Learn Together Build Separate: Collaborate with an elite group of peers and industry leaders to drive an initiative unique to your company.

Initiative fees vary by project scope.

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“With the speed of change and innovation in today’s business environment, the job of the cybersecurity leader is becoming increasingly difficult. What The Cybersecurity Studio has assembled is incredibly substantive and innovative.”

Roland Cloutier

Former Tik Tok and ADP Chief Security Officer and Cybersecurity Studio Advisor

How we do it

We create a safe, candid environment for open collaboration between cybersecurity leaders, free from competition, solicitation, and press.

Participants connect in small peer groups supported by industry veterans, using the Chatham House Rule.

Our entire program is designed to uncover experience-tested approaches to building organizational knowledge and agility.


Collaborate with peers, current and former CISOs, and leaders from around the business to understand what’s possible today, and what tomorrow will bring.

Agile Leadership

Collaborate with peers, current and former CISOs, and leaders from around the business to tell the story that inspires change throughout the organization, and to build the skills and confidence to lead the effort.

Business Strategy

Collaborate with peers, current and former CISOs, and leaders from around the business to align cybersecurity initiatives to business strategy. Be an enabler to growth, upside, and competitive differentiation.

Executive Leadership

Collaborate with current and former CFOs, CEOs, and Board members to strengthen your influence with the C-suite and Board.

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Who we work with

Our partners are CISOs and emerging security leaders from global 2000 corporations passionate about elevating their leadership impact in a vendor-free environment.

Our People

The Cybersecurity Studio team and our team of Advisors bring deep industry knowledge and executive experience in Cybersecurity.

Betsy Wille

Betsy Wille

Cyberstudio Studio Director

Olivia Leonaitis

Olivia Leonaitis

Cybersecurity Studio Manager

Roland Cloutier

Roland Cloutier

Studio Advisor and Coach

Edna Conway

Edna Conway

Studio Advisor and Coach

Peter Tran

Peter Tran

Studio Advisor & Coach

George Llado

George Llado

Studio Advisor and Coach


Access the practitioner benchmarks you need

Business Continuity and
Disaster Recovery
Lab Report

A Cybersecurity Leader's Guide to DIY Tabletops

In today’s highly digital and connected corporate environment, a cybersecurity attack can cause significant disruption to the business. Preparation and clarity around roles and responsibilities, communications, and processes must be second nature to the CISO and her team.

Report Evolving Cyber
Lab Report

The Evolving Cybersecurity Workforce

Business strategies driven by digital transformation are exacerbating the cybersecurity hiring and retention challenges. Attracting, developing, and retaining talent requires new approaches and techniques.

Report Board View

The Board’s View of the CISO

The digital capabilities of a modern corporation present the most significant opportunities for competitive differentiation, but also the most consequential vulnerabilities. The relationship between the CISO and the Board has never been so important, both in enabling strategy and in mitigating risk.

Building next generation leaders

In a future rife with uncertainty and change, the demands on command-level leadership are greater than ever before.

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