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16 January 2024, 1pm EST
Demystifying AI: A Founder Panel for Cybersecurity Leaders

Navigating the risks and opportunities of AI requires informed cybersecurity leadership. In this unique session, a panel of leading AI founders provides a hands-on look at how these technologies actually operate. Gain insights directly from pioneers in the field about the realities of AI capabilities, limitations, and implications for security strategies. This candid discussion will empower cybersecurity leaders to craft robust, forward-looking plans.

21 February 2024, 1pm EST
Contemplating the Future of the Cybersecurity Organization

In the future, in what part of the corporation will cybersecurity sit? To whom will the CISO report? How will the infosec team be structured?

As we evolve to a future where cybersecurity becomes an enabler to strategic digital capabilities, rethinking the cybersecurity organization is a must.

13-14 March 2024
IN-PERSON SUMMIT: Setting the 2024 Cybersecurity Studio Agenda

The Cybersecurity Studio's Founding Members will convene in Washington DC for an intimate gathering to set the agenda for the coming year. Set in the backdrop of the Hudson River and The National Mall, the group will take breaks from Studio goal setting and agenda sculpting for private briefings by leaders of the CIA, NSA, and CISSA.

25 April 2024, 1pm EST
Navigating the Executive Waters as a Cybersecurity Officer

Today’s CISOs are operating as company executives and navigating unfamiliar waters. Current and former executives will share unfiltered insider perspectives on the executive territory. Pulling back the curtain on relationships with global business heads, they’ll tackle the new rules of engagement security chiefs must master to enable enterprise strategy while managing multifaceted internal partnerships. And they’ll take on topics typically left undiscussed - the personal and legal risk exposures that accompany these positions, oversight complexities, and career and compensation tools available for those reaching the executive peaks of cybersecurity leadership.

30 May 2024, 1pm EST
From Compliance to Risk Management: An Executive Shift

As cybersecurity evolves from a compliance function into an integrated risk management paradigm, new complexities, opportunities, and imperatives emerge for security leaders, executives and governance bodies. What are the sweeping implications of this shift - from resource reallocation to reshaping governance models and communicating with the C-Suite?

20 June 2024, 1pm EST
The CISO Strategist: Becoming a Business Driver

With the complete digitization of the modern organization, competitive differentiation is increasingly achieved through enhancements to technology and tech-enabled capabilities. In this new environment, how can the infosec organization transform to enable faster, safer, and more strategic adoption of emerging technologies?

15 August 2024, 1pm EST
Lessons from the Front Lines: Managing Cybersecurity Crisis

This session provides a rare opportunity to learn directly from CISOs with experience managing high-profile cybersecurity crises. The speakers will share firsthand lessons on preparing executives and organizations to handle major incidents. They will offer perspectives on educating leaders, securing buy-in for preparedness initiatives, exercising crisis response, and keeping calm under pressure. Speakers will also provide their insights into leading organizational response and recovery while making difficult decisions under scrutiny.

19 September 2024, 1pm EST
Managing Personal Risk as a CISO in the Post-SolarWinds Age

After criminal charges were pressed against security executives in both the Uber and SolarWinds cases, how should modern-day CISOs go about protecting themselves from similar liability? Featured guests include Roland Cloutier and Steve Ward.