Lab Report

The Evolving Cyber Workforce

Published on 21 Oct 2023

Hiring Alone Won’t Solve Cybersecurity Workforce Challenges.

Business strategies driven by digital transformation are exacerbating the cybersecurity hiring and retention challenges, and ushering in new organizational models.

Why It Matters

The supply of skilled cybersecurity experts has not kept pace with the growing need as digital transformation has accelerated across industries. These transformations promise end-to-end digitization of a company’s data and processes to enable optimization, automation, and the generation of novel business insights. Ensuring that security and resiliency are built into the design and maintained throughout the transformation is now a vital part of the organization’s sustainability.

• Cloud security and advanced IAM skills are in high demand and are the roles companies are finding hardest to fill.

• Companies struggle to compete on pay, particularly that offered by technology companies & consultants.

• Turnover is highest for employees 3-7 years into their career; some are lured away by higher pay, but others seek career paths hard to accommodate within corporate cybersecurity.

What We're Watching

• Companies developing new shared responsibility models for the security of their Cloud footprint, and embedding cybersecurity expertise into digital IT teams.

• Innovative approaches to employee engagement and pay incentives

• The possibility that a downturn in VC and PE-funding for technology companies could usher in a shift in employees looking for stability.

• How Cloud Security Posture and Vulnerability Management tools will enable shared responsibility models and ease cloud cybersecurity expertise shortages.

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