The Visibility council :: Stay ahead series

Upcoming Roundtables

Business Continuity and
Disaster Recovery
18 January 2024, 1pm EST
Benchmarking 2024 Expectations :: Economic Outlook, Priorities

Join peers, influencers, thought leaders and economists to discuss the issues most likely to impact the supply chain and manufacturing environment in 2024. Topics will include macro and micro-economic outlook, geopolitical conditions, climate and social considerations, and technological advances.

22 February 2024, 1pm EST
Party City's Leap Into No-Code/Low-Code Technology. The Beginning of the Plug-and-Play Era.

Join us for a look behind the scenes at Party City, where COO Peter Smith used the headwinds of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to take a big chance on a new approach: the Plug-and-Play Architecture. Using no-code and low-code providers, Peter implemented one of the most agile and intelligent supply chain systems ever in months (not years), for a fraction of the typical cost of similar implementations.

21 March 2024, 1pm EST
Shipping container boat
Leveraging Technology for Global Shipping Resilience in 2024 | Navigating the New Normal

Amid rising global tensions impacting shipping, disruptions in key routes are now commonplace. Global supply chain leaders must bolster resilience using advanced technologies like predictive analytics and route diversification. Join our March collaboration session with industry experts from Maersk, CH Robinson, and WalWil as well as investors and technology providers to explore 2024's technology-driven resilient shipping strategies.

25 April 2024, 1pm EST
Next-Generation Planning | Predictive, Near-Real-Time Capabilities for Navigating Global Uncertainty

In a world of uncertainty and complexity, supply chain planning has never been more vital. Join industry leaders to explore cutting-edge solutions for navigating challenges like heightened customer expectations and tightening regulations. From AI-driven analytics to blockchain traceability and IoT monitoring, we will discuss strategies to enhance visibility and agility.

Contribute your insights to our collaborative dialogue, shaping solutions for global supply chain resilience amidst geopolitical uncertainty.

23 May 2024, 1pm EST
AI Applications to Enhance Supply Chain Productivity, Quality, and Safety

We'll discuss how innovations in AI and computer vision technologies can enhance safety hazard monitoring, streamline quality control, refine inventory management, direct vehicles, uphold worker compliance, offer real-time analytics, and facilitate predictive maintenance.

This session is designed to ignite innovative thinking and foster discussions on the application of AI in future contexts, underscoring the importance of our ongoing focus on the convergence of AI-based innovation and supply chain practices.

19 June 2024, 1pm EST
The Supply Chain Strategist :: Positioning Supply Chain as the Competitive Differentiator

After witnessing the market domination of Walmart in the 1990s and early 2000s, and of Amazon in the 2010s and early 2020s, we should not be surprised to learn that supply chain and logistics operations are increasingly cited by corporate strategists and CEOs as one of today's most significant competitive differentiators. So why are supply chain executives still facing headwinds as they vie for budget needed to overhaul supply chain and manufacturing operations?

Learn from peers and thought leaders on how to position supply chain initiatives to the commercial side of the business, the C-Suite, and the Board of Directors, to secure the required resources.